Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Low | A Clinic Jam | ZDoggMD

Shorty had them apple bottom scrubs, crocs with tha' furrrrrr... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JebtfG4180 Join the outpatient Health 3.0 revolution at http://facebook.com/zdoggmd Single available on iTunes, Amazon, and more: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id11619...

ZDoggMD – “Lose Yourself” Let’s Unbreak Healthcare

Everybody knows that healthcare is way broken. And those who claim it isn’t are either financially dependent on the status quo, or are trapped in some medically-induced delirium. The days of Health 1.0 (physician-autonomy, minimal transparency, paternalism...

Treat Yourself | A Bieber Opioid Ballad | ZDoggMD

Cuz if you'd like that script for Percocet, then maybe you should go see someone else... An ode to everyone suffering during this opioid epidemic.  Join the ZPac at http://facebook.com/zdoggmd to lend YOUR voice in...

ZDoggMD: ‘Once I Was 7 years old’ (Time to Put Primary Care First!)

ZDoggMD produces yet another gem.  It is time to put Primary Care first again!!!  Join the ZDogg revolution, we have! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jV9RyXQyQ7Q    
skin cancer

ZdoggMD: “Bad Skin” (Taylor Swift “Bad Blood” Parody)

Summer is coming soon!  Be sure to catch up on this video by ZdoggMD before you get Bad Skin!  Be sure to subscribe and follow ZdoggMD on twitter @Zdoggmd.  Wear your sunscreen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6Vyj0ic-Rs  

ZDoggMD: Doc Vader on End-Of-Life Planning

vaccine theory

ZDoggMD: I Was Wrong About Vaccines

Finally, ZDoggMD has taken the lead and has come to admit that he has been wrong on vaccines for decades.  It took courage and leadership to listen to the Anti-vaxxers out there on Facebook...

ZDoggMD: ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

ZDoggMD brings it to da club in his new hit “Can't Feel My Face.” This controversial education hit will save lives. Stroke is no laughing manner, so know the signs so you can recognize early and save...

ZDoggMD: ‘In Da Lab’

ZDoggMD presents "In Da Lab," in true ZdoggMD fashion he mixes humor and education into this 50 cent classic. His rhymes are on point like a purple top. About time our lab peeps get a shout...

ZDoggMD: Doc Vader Vs. Anti-Vaxxers