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signed off sign off

“New Intern” Added to Patient’s Problem List

Joining the ranks of “Congestive Heart Failure,” “Chronic Kidney Disease III,” and “Mood Disorder ...

If You Give An Attending Your Pen

Twitter sensation @McSassyMD brings you a classic story of friendship, residency, and pens.

surgeon shoes

Patient Alarmed After Noticing Surgeon’s Shoelace Untied

MARIETTA, GA – Multiple sources are confirming that local patient Harry Dander is growing ...

Samsung Galaxy Pager fire

Samsung Galaxy Pager Explodes, Intern in Critical Condition

DURHAM, NC – An internal medicine intern Becky Lambert is in critical condition today after her ...

nurse saves resident

Nurse Saves Resident’s A** Again

In a usual twist of events, Nurse Betty Sue has prevented yet another resident ...

hospital discharge

Patients and Residents Use Buddy System to Reduce Handoffs

LOS ANGELES, CA – The UCLA Medical Center is using a patient-resident buddy system ...

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