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Man vs. Koala: A List of Lesser Known ER Complaints

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koala bearUsually “versus” suggests a terrible trauma coming through the ER, such as Man vs. Car, something that we never want to see.  But then there are those times when the “versus” links two things together that make you do a double-take and ask “Wait, what, really??” and “I wonder what on earth happened?”  Here are some of our favorites…

Man vs. Abacus
Man vs. Avocado
Man vs. Balloon
Man vs. Batman
Man vs. Beluga Whale
Man vs. Bigger Man
Man vs. Blimp
Man vs. Boomerang
Man vs. Bubble Wrap
Man vs. Chicken
Man vs. Coin-Operated Mechanical Horse
Man vs. Cookie Monster
Man vs. Cotton Balls
Man vs. Crossword Puzzle
Man vs. Cyborg
Man vs. Darth Vader
Man vs. Duct Tape
Man vs. Eggplant
Man vs. Egg Whites
Man vs. Exercise
Man vs. Exploded Pen
Man vs. Fisher-Price Stethoscope
Man vs. Goldfish
Man vs. Google
Man vs. Gust of Wind
Man vs. Hammock
Man vs. His Mother-In-Law
Man vs. His Own Shadow
Man vs. Hot Air Balloon
Man vs. Humidifier
Man vs. Hunger
Man vs. IBM Watson
Man vs. ICD-10
Man vs. JELL-O
Man vs. Kitten
Man vs. Koala
Man vs. Leprechaun
Man vs. Life as We Know It
Man vs. Life-Sized Hello Kitty Doll
Man vs. Lightning
Man vs. Mailbox
Man vs. Man in the Mirror
Man vs. Mankind
Man vs. Massage Chair
Man vs. Merry-Go-Round
Man vs. Mime
Man vs. Ninja
Man vs. Orange Exercise Ball
Man vs. Oven
Man vs. Parking Spot
Man vs. Penis
Man vs. Phone Book
Man vs. Pillow
Man vs. Pokemon
Man vs. Puppy
Man vs. Queso
Man vs. Rainbow
Man vs. Refrigerator
Man vs. Revolving Door
Man vs. Rock vs. Paper vs. Scissors
Man vs. Ronda Rousey
Man vs. Sandpaper
Man vs. Shakespeare
Man vs. Shoelace
Man vs. Slip’ N Slide
Man vs. Sombrero
Man vs. Space Shuttle
Man vs. Spatula
Man vs. Squirrel
Man vs. The Decepticons
Man vs. The Most Interesting Man in the World
Man vs. Tickle Contest
Man vs. Tight Pair of Jeans
Man vs. Toilet Bowl
Man vs. Trampoline
Man vs. Trapper Keeper
Man vs. Tuba
Man vs. Uneven Bars
Man vs. Unicycle
Man vs. Unicorn
Man vs. Vacuum Cleaner
Man vs. VCR
Man vs. Xylophone
Man vs. Yeti
Man vs. Zeus
Man vs. Ziploc Bag
Nurse vs. Intern
Orthopod vs. Bone
Testicle vs. Vice
Wile E. Coyote vs. ACME Anvil

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