FARGO, ND – A tragedy hit the Fargo area when Sanford Medical Center learned one of their orthopedic surgeons was plowed into a snowbank.

“This is sad,” Sanford Health CEO said.  “We don’t like it when Ortho plays on the side of the road, because you never know when a snow plow might come by and pile you in.”

Sanford has a strict policy that orthopedic surgeons shouldn’t be playing on the side of the road without supervision of a Stryker rep.  Eyewitnesses stated the Stryker rep returned a couple hours later with a shovel to try and help, but it was the wrong shovel.

“I guess we’ll have to send Internal Medicine out to go bail him out again.  I doubt they’ve done a procedure in the year but they’ll have to try,” Dr. Peter Grambles, a general surgeon, told staff in OR 6 after being paged about the incident.  “Maybe send ER?”

Lord Lockwell
Lord Vincent Lockwell, a medival surgeon, started Gomerblog in 1388. He went for a walk in the alps to get away from the bubonic plague in what is now considered southren Germany when a tragic acident occured. The avalanche did not kill him but froze him for over 500 years. He was thawed and now continues to report on medical news.