Sunday, July 12, 2020
nightingale notes on nursing

Florence Nightingale’s Notes on Nursing 2016 Interpretation

Florence Nightingale, "The Lady with the Lamp," is the modern founder of the nursing profession and wrote Notes on Nursing: What It Is and What It Is Not in 1859, which has become a...
nurse memes

Nursing Memes Collection to Help You Survive Your Shift!

Nurses, nursing students, CNAs, sometimes you just need that extra laugh to get you through a horrible shift.  Take 2 minutes to flip through these memes and hopefully we can give you enough energy...
menstrual cycle

MEDCOMIC Cartoons: Hilarious Medical Learning (Volume 1)

MEDCOMIC creator Jorge Muniz has created a funny and effective way to help study for that next test!  We posted a few of his many cartoons below, and if you like them, be sure...
registered nurses

Memes, Memes, and More Medical Memes

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Nurses Have Stethoscopes: What Do You Think?

The philosophical TV show, The View, recently discussed the recent Miss America pageant. Two of the hosts were very critical of Miss Colorado with comments such as: Why is she wearing a "nurse's uniform?"...
worst patient

10 Reasons Why You Are the Worst Patient Ever

Want to know why no nurse or physician or other health care provider wants to come into your room and take care of you?  Here are 10 reasons why you are the worst patient...
ideal hospital floor plan

Floor Plans for Inpatient Medicine Wards: Reality vs. Dream

In reality, this is what 95% of hospital medicine wards look like...  ... and now for the DREAM inpatient medicine ward!

Floor Plan for an Inpatient Medicine Ward

This should almost be a Monopoly game!
radiology testing

Ever Wonder How Radiologists Know What Studies to Recommend?

Ever wonder how radiologists know what studies to recommend and perform?  GomerBlog has gone undercover into the bowels of hospitals to study radiologists.  After months of hiding under desks in dark rooms, this is what...
medical student

Caricatures of a Medical Student, an Intern, and a Paediatrician

Here are some fantastic caricatures depicting medical Students, junior doctors, and paediatricians from a fan all the way from Ireland.  If you enjoyed the cartoons, check out more at the artist's website Oh yes, the days...