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Orthopod Agrees to Work Pro Bono, Thought It Was Pro Bones

CHARLOTTE, NC – Recent orthopedic surgery graduate, Dr. Henry Hammer, graciously agreed to include ...


Adorable Unvaccinated Pertussis-Infected Baby Sues Her Parents

SANTA MONICA, CA – After contracting pertussis, darling 6-month-old baby girl Willow Woods successfully ...

cerumen impaction earwax

Breaking: New Earwax Impaction Guidelines Released, World Rejoices

ALEXANDRIA, VA – YES!!!!  The American-Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery has dropped some ...

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CDC Recommends Against HIV, Infections in General

ATLANTA, GA – In a statement earlier today, the Centers for Disease Control and ...

Trump to Appoint Dr. Oz as Surgeon General

WASHINGTON, DC – As President-elect Donald Trump assembles his new White House team, sources confirm ...

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