Working in medicine is stressful!  Sometimes it just flat out blows being a Healthcare Professional.  Mental health issues and burnout are RAMPANT in healthcare professionals and we are here to help!! is a satirical medical news website created by a bunch of wannabe stand up comedians who ended up in healthcare.  What started as a joke now sees millions of pageviews a month from all different Healthcare Professionals like yourself!

Hopefully we can help get you through your day, even if we only make you laugh a few minutes before changing room 312’s bedpan, or admitting that obnoxious drunk at 2:13am.

We make every attempt to roast all medical specialties equally, so you shouldn’t feel insulted if we hit your specialty up.  In fact, it may be our super quirky way of showing our love and appreciation for what you do.

We of course don’t intend to insult any patients or people with medical conditions.  If you feel insulted, know that it was not our intention at all.

What’s up with that strange Gomerguy?  Well, Gomerguy is a medieval plague doctor from the 16th century who now enjoys running a satirical medical blog.   Lord Lockwell and Doktor Schabel von Rom are two friends and famous plague doctors that enjoy writing articles these days in addition to treating the plague.  Aren’t our beaks kickin’ it!