Thursday, September 17, 2020

Emergency Medicine


Ambulance ride-share app launching soon!

Exciting news abounds for those who believe that ambulances are large taxis with fancy lights and sounds. In spring 2020 the new ride-share app ‘Riding on shared cabs,’ known as ROSC for short, is...

Extended Walk Test: Help Your Patients Discharge Themselves

TORONTO, ONTARIO - Dr. Thurow, veteran emergency physician at Tertiary Hospital has been credited with developing a revolutionary test that is redefining what it means to practice emergency medicine: the extended walk test or...
nasal cannula

Patient Placed on 4,000 Liters by Nasal Cannula

SPOKANE, WA - Sometimes you have to think outside the box. That's exactly what a rapid response team did this morning: In a last ditch effort to prevent intubation, the team...

Black Cloud Begs On-Call Meteorologist for Help

NEW HAVEN, CT - Finding herself underdressed & underprepared for this torrential downpour of admissions and cross-cover calls, third-year medicine resident and self-diagnosed black cloud Nirali Patel is now begging the on-call...
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Clutch: Resident Places A-Line Into Circle of Willis

ATLANTA, GA - In the same way patients can be progressively difficult sticks from the venous standpoint, the same holds true for their arteries. Thankfully one determined ICU resident didn't let...
chapped lips hot mess express

All Aboard! Next Stop on the Hot Mess Express: ICU City!

ER STATION - All aboard! Health care professionals, have your tickets and IDs in hand as you get ready to step aboard the Hot Mess Express! This is the Hot...
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Breaking: Study Finds Efficacy of Turkey Sandwiches in Convincing ED patients to Discharge AMA...

In what is being called a major wake-up call for the Emergency Medicine community, a groundbreaking study published in The Washington Journal of Emergency Medicine found that the efficacy of turkey sandwiches in convincing...

Baby Yoda Memes Improve Patient Compliance

In what started as a joke by the senior emergency medicine residents at Hospital Woeisme, Baby Yoda memes posted around the ED have had an astonishing and unexpected impact on patient behavior. Baby Yoda, the...

White Coat Investor’s Wife Leaving Him for Man who took her out to Applebee’s...

Dr. Dahle, otherwise known as The White Coat Investor, who is well known among the medical community as the authority when it comes to personal finance among healthcare professionals, has some bad...
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New Joint Commission ER screen now Mandatory at Hospitals

Due to multiple complaints as well as a couple of negative outcomes related to sandwiches in ERs around the country, JCAHO this week unveiled a new mandatory ER screen, the TASTE-E. Any patient presenting...