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Sweet Tooth Identified: Dentists Localize to Tooth 32

HERSHEY, PA - After an exhaustive search spanning decades, the nation’s leading dentists have finally identified the ever-elusive sweet tooth, localizing it to Tooth 32...
medical consults

A Primer to How We All Consult One Another

Does your patient need help but you're just not sure who to consult for help? This GomerBlog primer is here to break things down...
nurse lunch

Administrators Throw Nursing Appreciation Lunch, Nurses Too Short-Staffed to Attend

“They just don’t appreciate our appreciation!” exclaimed CEO Benjamin Green, referencing the absence of nurses as he gathered with his fellow administrators in Good...

Resident Goes Back To Preschool To Learn Basic Social Skills

Second Year Resident Jonathan Pratt was recently admitted to ABC Preschool to learn some basic social skills that are lacking in his hospital work....
hipster beard super bacteria

Super Bacteria Found in Hipster’s Beard, also has Beard

Williamsburg, NY – A local area hospital recently broke the news that a highly drug-resistant bacterial species was isolated from a man’s beard. The...
Med Student, WiFi

Attending’s Feedback to Student: “Strengthen Your WiFi Signal”

AUBURN, AL - It was the final day of his medicine rotation, and third-year medical student Scott Hannigan sat down with his attending Rachel...

Staff Not a Fan of New Antisocial Worker

PASADENA, CA - Medical staff have told GomerBlog early this morning that they are not a big fan of new antisocial worker, Timothy Pyro,...

Groundbreaking Study Finds ‘Apple a Day’ Therapy Prevents 100% of Hospital Readmissions

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI – A group of researchers who set out to find the most effective way to prevent hospital patients from having to...
eye chart, visual acuity

Letter “T” to Take Top Spot on Snellen, “E” Demoted

BOSTON, MA - In shocking news delivered earlier today, the incumbent letter E has been demoted from its top spot on the Snellen eye chart and...
death penalty

HHS to add Capital Punishment to Possible Penalties for HIPAA violation

Washington DC: In sweeping reversal of previous legislation, Health and Human Services (HHS) announced stronger punishments for violations of the Health Insurance Portability and...
female doctor

Female Doctor Excited to Finally Start Making 20% Less than Male Colleagues

CHICAGO, IL - Dr. Bianca Bank, recent graduate of the University of Chicago Internal Medicine Program, celebrates a milestone in her life this week...
Shkreli & Bresch

Breaking: Martin Shkreli & Heather Bresch Are A**holes

NEW YORK, NY - In a candid interview on CBS News yesterday, Martin Shkreli admitted that "Yes, Heather Bresch and I are a**holes."  Mylan...

Surface of Mercury Less Toxic Than Hospital Work Environment

WASHINGTON, DC - Scientists at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have analyzed data suggesting that the surface of Mercury, though not suitable for...
epipen price increase

EpiPen Users Develop Shock Over EpiPen Prices: Treatment, More EpiPens

WASHINGTON, DC - Numerous cases of EpiPen Price Gouging Shock (EPGS) are sweeping the nation after EpiPen prices continue to be hiked up by...

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