Radiologist Drafted Into Direct Patient Care, Forced to Perform Own Clinical Correlation

San Diego, CA – When Dr. Tyler Bachon started his radiology residency, he thought clinical correlation would only be a phrase he added to reports as a means of putting the onus of the...

An Orthopaedic Surgeon Explains Coronavirus

Globogym Headquarters, CA – All rights dudes and dudettes, this Coronavirus is treating the world the way Busch Light treats gas station toilets. So set down your bro-tein shakes and lo-carb Monsters and lets...

Aliens Postpone Earth Invasion Due to Coronavirus Concerns

INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION - Due to justified concerns about their own immune systems, an alien race has decided to postpone their plans for a hostile takeover of planet Earth until the novel coronavirus pandemic...

Orthopaedic Surgeons Attempting to “Re-learn” ICU Things 🤦‍♂️

San Diego, CA - In light of the ongoing COVID19 Pandemic, physicians of all walks of life are preparing to be called upon to work outside of their comfort areas. Orthopaedic surgeons have largely...
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CDC Recommends Against Rolling Around Naked with Coronavirus-Positive Patient for Hours on End

ATLANTA, GA - In updated guidelines just published on its website, the Centers of Disease & Prevention (CDC) strongly recommends against rolling around naked for hours on end with any patient testing positive for...

Breaking: Covid-19 found in toilet paper

Cleveland, OH - Cleveland Clinic has developed a better and faster coronavirus test. With better testing available scientists have not only tested people but the toilet paper everyone is hoarding. To everyone's surprise the toilet...

COVID-19: Self-Quarantined Anesthesiologist Running Dangerously Low on Sudoku Supplies

BIRMINGHAM, AL - An area anesthesiologist who is currently 3 days into his 14-day self-imposed quarantine behind a drape fort is unusually anxious and on edge as he is facing the stark reality that...
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COVID-19 Update: Orthopods Suspend Bro Hugs for 60 Days

NEW YORK, NY - First, Italy went on lockdown. Then March Madness was canceled; the NBA and NHL suspended their seasons. Now Gomerblog has learned in a breaking development the nation's army...

CDC: If We Stop Testing for Coronavirus, New Cases Will Drop

ATLANTA, GA - The CDC just released a new strategy in fighting novel coronavirus or COVID-19. They will limit, or completely shut down all future testing of Coronavirus. "If we stop testing for COVID-19,...
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Clutch: Resident Places A-Line Into Circle of Willis

ATLANTA, GA - In the same way patients can be progressively difficult sticks from the venous standpoint, the same holds true for their arteries. Thankfully one determined ICU resident didn't let this stop...