Mannequin Challenge

Code Team Performs Ill-Timed Mannequin Challenge During CPR

JACKSONVILLE, FL - A code team at Jacksonville Medical Center (JMC) is under investigation after an ill-timed Mannequin Challenge during a cardiac arrest went viral but left a patient in critical condition. "If there is...

Hospital to Reduce Infections by Coating Patients in Anti-Bacterial Ointment

Chicago, IL - Chicago General Hospital is beginning a new initiative to reduce infections in the hospital. Dr. Reiff Lightlier, CMO of the hospital, said ,” As we all know infections in hospital are...

Nurse Disappears After Using “Q” Word

ROCHESTER, MN - Jackie Shern, floor nurse at United General, disappeared following her shift last week.  “It was an easy night for us,” stated Jess Gird, a coworker of Jackie’s.  “We were getting our...

Phyllis the Decoy Nurse

Overworked?  Patient/Nurse ratios too high?  Sounds like you could use Phyllis the decoy nurse!!  Love this video from Dr. Subbio!!    
CPR dummy manikin

Breaking: Nurse Successfully Resuscitates CPR Dummy Back to Human Life

NEW ORLEANS, LA - In some incredible news, critical care nurse Margie Casamento at Tulane Medical Center became the first health care practitioner to successful resuscitate a CPR dummy (or CPR manikin) back to human life....
laughter best medicine Ativan

Breaking: Ativan is the Best Medicine, Laughter Falls to Sixth

BOSTON, MA - Is laughter the best medicine?  Not any more.  According to a new poll of physicians and other medical providers published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Ativan is the best medicine with laughter falling...
disposable colonoscope

Product Review: Melch Allyn’s Disposable Colonoscopes

Pros / You don't have to worry about those hard-to-remove stains like on reusable colonoscopes because the Melch Allyn Disposable Colonoscope can be thrown away after only one use. Cons / Poor construction and rigid...
hunger pain scale hangry

Joint Commission Releases New Hunger Pain Scale

CHICAGO, IL - Gomerblog has just received word, in fact several words, that the Joint Commission will put forth a new hunger pain scale.  This comes as the Joint Commission acknowledges that hunger pain is...
snack cart

Hospital Replaces Crash Carts with Snack Carts

MARIETTA, GA – Goodbye defibrillators and hello Swedish Fish!  In a rare display of unity, hospital administrators and health care personnel at Marietta Medical Center have unanimously decided to replace crash carts with snack...