Thursday, June 24, 2021


Radiologists Groan as Storm Paradoxically Causes Lights to Turn On

MENLO PARK, NJ—An unusually intense electrical storm this morning produced a prolonged power surge at Menlo Park Memorial Hospital (MPMH), mysteriously causing all electrical power to turn and remain on, incapable of being cut....

New super powerful MRI machine causes transient reversal of earths magnetic poles but the...

People across the globe were on alert last Monday after mysterious wide spread power outages and electronic failures. Chaos ensued in many airports and bus stations. One fourth of all flights were delayed across...
overpenetration underpenetration

#Damnyouautocorrect: Radiologist Diagnoses ‘Cardi B Lines’ on Chest X-Ray

HOUSTON, TX – A hilarious error has made headlines in Texas recently, when a routine chest X-ray was dictated and reported to have an unprecedented diagnostic finding. This particular X-ray was taken to evaluate...

Radiology Wet Read Just Dripping All Over the Place

ROCKFORD, IL - A bevy of complaints are arising from staff at Rockford Medical Center after an overnight radiology wet read of a CT head has been found to be dripping all...
Brie Hammersley complete blood loss

Success! IR Embolizes Aorta to Prevent Future Bleeding

NEW YORK, NY - The Interventional Radiology (IR) team at New York Medical Center (NYMC) successfully embolized a patient's aorta today in an effort to prevent future bleeding.

Update: AHA Addends Recommended 90-Minute Door-to-Balloon Time for MI to Allow Cath Team 3...

SAN DIEGO, CA—For the cardiac catheterization team at San Diego General Hospital, compliance with the 90-minute door-to-balloon time metric for STEMI patients is a significant source of stress and anxiety. Thus, team members enthusiastically...
barium enema

Barium Enema Reveals Abnormal Presence of Barium in the Colon

NEW YORK, NY - An inpatient medical team was shocked to learn that a barium enema performed earlier today revealed an abnormal presence of barium in their patient's rectum, something no one...
G-tube G-spot

The Difference Between A G-Tube & The G-Spot

GomerBlog returns to help distinguish between two similar but often confused entities. The "G" in G-tube refers to "gastric" or "gastrostomy." A G-tube is a type of feeding...
arterial line circle of willis CPR emergency department butthurt audacity code shift change prior authorization otherwise stable

Breaking: CPR Requires Prior Authorization

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In breaking news that will infinitely complicate the already difficult process of attempting to resuscitate a patient, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (or CPR) will now require prior authorization. The prevailing reaction to this news...

Epidemic of “Tennis Elbow” Hits Radiologists Everywhere

The increase in cases of an overuse injury called lateral epicondylitis, known more commonly amongst AARP members as "tennis elbow," has seen a rise in radiology residents over the past few years, according to...