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American Nurses Association Approves Call Lights with Lockout Intervals

SILVER SPRING, MD - In an effort to bolster nursing satisfaction, the American Nurses Association (ANA) have unanimously approved the replacement of current call lights with new and improved call lights with lockout intervals. "Nurses...
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Repeatedly Yelling “NURSE!!!” Less Effective Than Using Call Bell, Study Finds

A new study published in The Lancet shows that using the call bell to get your nurse’s attention is 25% more effective than repeatedly yelling “NURSE!!!” over and over again.  Many health care advocacy...
nursing call light

Tips for Patients: How to Use a Call Light

Nurses are incredibly busy.  And by busy we mean doing endless charting.  So much so that they're contractually not allowed to eat or urinate.  It's no wonder that call lights were invented; to help...

Valentine’s Day Tease: Stethoscopes in Sexy Positions

WARNING: The following images of sexy stethoscopes in suggestive positions are appropriate only for health care providers older than the age of 18.  (Click to enlarge.)
Da Vinci Kong, gorilla

Video Game Review: Da Vinci Kong

Pros / Though the iconic stubborn ape of the original Donkey Kong series is hard to replace, Da Vinci holds his own as a soon-to-be iconic stubborn mechanical ape in Da Vinci Kong. Cons /...

Nurse Wants Everyone to Know: Hey, My Eyes Are Up Here

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Nurse Sarah, an enthusiastic, perky new recruit, would like her male supervisors and patients to know, “Hey, my eyes are up here!” After a disappointing start to nursing school with a set...
placement medicine

“Hospital Medicine” Renamed “Placement Medicine”

PHILADELPHIA, PA - The Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) has announced that effective January 1, 2017, the specialty known as Hospital Medicine will be renamed Placement Medicine in order to best reflect current practices.  The...
CPR dummy manikin

Breaking: Nurse Successfully Resuscitates CPR Dummy Back to Human Life

NEW ORLEANS, LA - In some incredible news, critical care nurse Margie Casamento at Tulane Medical Center became the first health care practitioner to successful resuscitate a CPR dummy (or CPR manikin) back to human life....
laughter best medicine Ativan

Breaking: Ativan is the Best Medicine, Laughter Falls to Sixth

BOSTON, MA - Is laughter the best medicine?  Not any more.  According to a new poll of physicians and other medical providers published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Ativan is the best medicine with laughter falling...