Sunday, November 8, 2020

Gomerblog Contributor Agreement

On call and bored? Frustrated at work over a broken medical system or a whiny co-worker? Why not try to become a GomerBlog contributor with writing hilarious satirical articles?  If you do decide to submit an article to GomerBlog, we have a few rules you should know about before you submit and before we post your article.

1)      We reserve the exclusive right to choose what articles to publish or not publish.  We are becoming more selective with our articles as our site gains in popularity, so don’t be offended if we can’t publish everything you submit.  In addition, while we are under no obligation to do so, once published, we reserve the right to remove and permanently delete the article without notice and for any reason we deem sufficient.

2)      The content you submit must be YOUR original content and not published elsewhere.

3)      GomerBlog is under no obligation to provide you compensation for your article.

4)      By submitting your article, you are granting us a perpetual, royalty free non-exclusive license to use the content on and in printed versions of GomerBlog newspapers and magazines.

5)      You must not plagiarize others in your article.

6)      By submitting an article to us, you exonerate GomerBlog for any copyright or plagiarism infringements brought up by another party, i.e. please ensure that what you submit is your original work.  If it isn’t and another party gets upset, it will be between you and the other party.

7)      We may accept the article but we may slightly edit the article to fit the website better.  If after significant editing or major changes, we will contact you first for your approval before we post the article.

8)      After three article submissions that are published on our site, you can elect to have an official GomerBlog pseudonym, as an official sign that you good at writing satire articles!

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