Master Chief halo

Breaking: Halo’s Master Chief Placed in Halo to Immobilize C-Spine

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Master Chief halo
“I can still fight the Covenant in this”

EARTH – Gomerblog has learned in its time travel to the 26th century that Halo hero and Spartan super soldier Master Chief has been placed in a halo vest to help immobilize his C-spine.  If you remember, he was injured during the destruction of the Composer to conclude Halo 4.  That being said, Master Chief does not plan to take any time off and fully intends to continue taking it to the alien Covenant despite the advice of his neurosurgical team and artificial intelligence partner, Cortana, to rest and undergo acute rehabilitation.  “The halo restricts my range of motion, but that won’t stop me from fighting for the human race,” Master Chief told Gomerblog.  He added moments later: “Master Chief does not want placement.”

For more on the Master Chief, read Gomerpedia’s article entitled “Halo.”

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