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Founded on ideals as American as nachos, spaghetti, and the Louisiana Purchase, The Pannus pledges allegiance to the Consumer, who is hard work hard everyday to keep healthcare professionals in business

OBGYN with Tiny Fingers has Zero Idea what a Cervix Feels Like

A retiring obstetrician, who has requested to remain anonymous for this piece, recently issued ...


Study: Inverse Relationship Between IQ, Reproductive Capacity

A prospective, observational study out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana reports intelligence is inversely related ...

garden gnome

Study: 90% of Rectal Foreign Bodies are Idiopathic

BIRMINGHAM, AL – A recent retrospective review of Birmingham, Alabama confirms that 90% of ...

castor troy

Unfortunate Plastic Surgery Leaves Man Nearly Identical To Nicholas Cage

SALEM, OR- The title tells the tale.  Oregonian Nate Carthage is now nearly identical ...

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