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quill ink medical scribequill ink medical scribe

Medical Scribe Prefers Using Quill & Ink for Documentation

AUGUSTA, GA – Stating it is easier to use and provides infinitely more character than ...

therapeutic hypothermia

Therapeutic Hypothermia Ineffective in Patients with Hypothermia

LOUISVILLE, KY – Therapeutic hypothermia, the deliberate reduction of core body temperature to 32 ...

car wash purellcar wash purell

Hospitalist Washes Car with Alcohol-Based Foam

NASHVILLE, TN – Hospitalist Dana Avery walked into her patient’s room this morning and ...

Framingham Risk Score Abacus

Framingham Heart Study Researchers Release New Risk Score Abacus

FRAMINGHAM, MA – Boasting that it will be easier than ever to estimate the ...

sudoku mission accomplished

Victory: Anesthesia Solves Every Last Sudoku on Earth

SCHAUMBURG, IL – Citing today as unequivocally the greatest day in the history of ...