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medical consultant

Consultant Tries Being Nice, Decides It’s Overrated

On Friday afternoon, top gastroduodenopathologist Dr. Reedol D. Specimenz made a life-changing decision. “I ...

Apple iPhone X Crotch IDApple iPhone X Crotch ID

Breaking: Apple’s iPhone X Introduces New Crotch ID Feature

CUPERTINO, CA – One more thing: Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced a new ...

paper cut level VIII trauma center

Level VIII Trauma Center Can Only Take Care of Paper Cuts Really

SANDERSVILLE, GA – Sandersville Medical Center, a recently-opened Level VIII Trauma Center located two ...

totem poll

Med Student Begins Long, Long Climb Up the Totem Pole

SOMEWHERE AT THE BOTTOM BUT DEFINITELY FAR FROM THE TOP – Realizing that the commonly-used ...


Typo Accidentally Sends Doc to PubeMed Website, Not PubMed

BALTIMORE, MD – It took hospitalist Christopher Gray a few moments of staring at steady ...