Thursday, June 24, 2021

Internal Medicine

ortho consults infectious disease

Orthopedics Consults Infectious Diseases for Potential Computer Virus

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Dr. Joseph Dell of Orthopedic Surgery was hoping it would be a calm day; no surgeries were scheduled and his clinic schedule today was surprisingly light.  After two months of...

Medical Team Confused as Patient Made DNR Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Members of a multidisciplinary inpatient team at Tulane University left a family meeting this morning scratching their heads, as they honored their patient and family’s unusual wish to make the...

Hospital’s Electronic Health Record to Be Replaced by New, Efficient ‘Paper Chart’ System

NEW YORK, NY – Citing slow load times, confusing menu structure, and overall frustration with the user interface, St. Barnaby’s Hospital has announced that the old electronic health record (EHR) will be replaced with a...

Tattoo-to-Tooth Ratio a Strong Intelligence Predictor

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Hospital administrators have been searching for better ways to educate patients prior to being discharged.  Administrators may have found their answer in a new ratio developed by education specialist Dr. Henry...
medicine resident

Tired Medicine Resident Writes 1 Progress Note About 15 Patients

BALTIMORE, MD - A third-year medicine resident at Johns Hopkins University, Geno Smulison, completely exhausted from a busy inpatient teaching service this month and struggling to stay afloat with two interns off today, decided...
happy hour for health care workers

The Medical Professional Development Drinking Game

All health professionals will have to participate in some sort of mandatory professional development from time to time.  Whether it’s an organization-wide initiative to "change the culture" or a departmental meeting to cover someone’s...
emergency department

Intern Shocked to Discover TV Residency and Real Residency Vastly Different

BALTIMORE, MD - Dr. Anita Campbell dreamt of becoming a physician for years.  Three months ago, she finally graduated from medical school to fulfill her lifelong calling.  Growing up watching shows like Scrubs and...

Patient Allergic to Epinephrine, Dies When Doctor Suddenly Slams Door

HAMPTON, NJ - Local resident Shelly McDonald died suddenly on Thursday when she was at her doctor's office.  Her doctor is currently being charged with malpractice on several accounts.  According to sources, Shelly was checking Facebook on...

Medical Specialties as Game of Thrones Characters

As all medical specialties try to gain control of the hospital, we've narrowed down who their characters are: Cardiology, you poor tortured soul with a horrible life. Let's be honest, you got yourself into this.       ...