Friday, August 7, 2020

Internal Medicine

greys anatomy

Doctors Earn CME Credit for Watching Medical Dramas

CHICAGO, IL - In a statement released earlier today, the Accreditation Council For Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) announced that doctors can earn continuing medical education (CME) credit by watching popular medical dramas such as...
call button nursing lockout interval

Amazing Survival Story: Patient Lives by Pressing Call Light 46 Times in a One...

AUSTIN, TX - 56-year-old patient, Andrew Whitestack, is being credited with saving his own life by pushing the nursing call light button 46 times in one hour.  Consultants and attorneys reviewing his case have...
Medicine consult

Medicine Consult on the Fence About Restarting HCTZ

ATLANTA, GA - The tension is mounting on the surgical ward at Emory University Hospital as Dr. Christopher Roberts of Hospital Medicine remains on the fence about restarting a patient’s 12.5 mg dose of...
hospital employees

Hospital Issues Memorandum Regarding the Revised Policy for Procedure Revisions

To All Hospital Employees: This memorandum is being issued as notification regarding the revised Policy for Procedure Revisions. The Policy for Procedure Revisions outlines the standards by which procedure revisions are managed. The procedure for...
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How to Become Gluten Intolerant

Ever wonder how you can become gluten intolerant even if you don't actually have gluten intolerance or celiac disease?  We have found a video that describes how you can become gluten intolerant with some...

Massachusetts ICU Nurse Wins Powerball, Uses Patient’s Vital Signs as Lucky Numbers

CAMBRIDGE, MA - Local ICU nurse Debbie Watson called in rich this morning after winning the historic Powerball. When nobody claimed a the Powerball winnings of over $900 million, Debbie knew how to beat the...
N95 99 negative AFB sputums

Doc Takes Chance on Ill-Fitting Small N95 Mask Since Finding Regular One Requires Effort

BIRMINGHAM, AL - After briefly weighing the risks and benefits of using an ill-fitting small N95 mask that's already there versus trying to search the ward for the right-sized regular one before entering into...
Medical center

Google Medical Center Opens

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - The brand new Google Medical Center opened its doors to patients this summer.  The gleaming complex is a first of its kind treatment facility where patients who disagree with their...

Nostalgic Pharmacists Yearn for Good ‘Ole Days of Illegible Doctors’ Prescriptions

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Though pharmacists appreciate the progress that has been made with electronic health records (EHR) and e-prescriptions over the past two decades, many admit they kind of miss the good ‘ole...
rock in hospital

Medical Service’s “Rock” Patient Discovered Upon Physical Exam to Be Actual Rock

PLYMOUTH, MA - Intern Douglas McCombs was surprised to learn this morning that a patient on the medical service, who had been deemed a "rock" due to the myriad social issues that prevented their...