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The philosophical TV show, The View, recently discussed the recent Miss America pageant. Two of the hosts were very critical of Miss Colorado with comments such as: Why is she wearing a “nurse’s uniform?” and “Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope?”  We asked around the hospital to see what you are thinking:

9351345_m “I don’t remember writing an order for ‘a nurse to wear a stethoscope.’  I better consult internal medicine on this one.”

Dr. Anderson, Bariatric Surgeon

42897391_m “Do you have my Dilaudid?  What, NO?  Oh, do nurses have stethoscopes? Hold on let me ring my call light and have her come in here and we’ll check right-quick.  I didn’t see it on the plan of the day.”

Sam Donald, Patient in 3012

27595132_m “She should give that stethoscope back to the doctor right away!”

Nancy Bailey, Concerned Woman

32215252_m “Stethoscopes?  I see dead people!”

Dr. Prasaad, Pathologist

11131217_ma “Nurses shouldn’t have stethoscopes.  Stethoscopes are not all-natural and contain many toxins if ingested.  She should have done her research.”

Mercedes Renolyds, Anti-Vaxer, Anti-Gluten Enthusiast

anursecrop “Guys can be nurses too!”

Gavin Ross, Murse

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