NAPERVILLE, IL – Dr. Nyugen’s waiting room will be packed when word gets out they have the country’s most-recent People magazine.  “I’m trying it keep it a little under wraps right now,” Dr. Ken Nyugen told reporters.  “But I guess a review was placed on Yelp! and now I’m booked for 5 months.”

For the first time in this nation’s history a waiting room has an up-to-date People magazine.  “I’m excited people can read about Prince’s death.  And oooo look at this, Kelly and Michael had a blow out!” Dr. Nyugen stated while flipping through the 2016 issue.  “Look here, no way, Beyonce’s latest work might reveal a marriage crisis!?!  My patients will be up on all the gossip.”

Nguyen added later: “Patients are more relaxed when they come to see me because I have only top-end reading materials in my waiting room.”

Nyugen, the envy of all his colleagues, put down the magazine next to a stack of 2014 and 2015 Good Housekeeping and People magazines.  “I better get back to work, I’m surprised I was able to pry this copy from my patients!”



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