Blayr Blayr

Blayr is acutely aware that Kim Kardashian has accomplished more than the President and hopes to follow suit. She is a Registered Nurse who is obsessed with comedy. The ability to put in a catheter and draw blood makes her a particularly qualified writer. Her Canadian heritage has allowed her to perfect the art of being passive-aggressive. **Please follow Blayr on Twitter and Instagram at @DistractedBee **

Resident Goes Back To Preschool To Learn Basic Social Skills

Second Year Resident Jonathan Pratt was recently admitted to ABC Preschool to learn some ...

charge nurse 2

Charge Nurse Forgets To Assign Herself Patients For Fifth Week In A Row

Charge Nurse Cynthia Rollins recently forgot to assign herself patients….. yet again. She swears ...

nurse prison

Nurses Visit Local Jail To See What Freedom Looks Like

NEBRASKA – The nurses of University of Midwest Hospital recently visited Cook County jail ...

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