Blayr Blayr

Blayr is acutely aware that Kim Kardashian has accomplished more than the President and hopes to follow suit. She is a Registered Nurse who is obsessed with comedy. The ability to put in a catheter and draw blood makes her a particularly qualified writer. Her Canadian heritage has allowed her to perfect the art of being passive-aggressive. **Please follow Blayr on Twitter and Instagram at @DistractedBee **

Hipster Loses Left Testicle Due to Excessively Tight Pants

WILLIAMSBURG, NY – Hipster Fletcher Jones was admitted to the emergency room last night ...

nurse saves resident

Nurse Saves Resident’s A** Again

In a usual twist of events, Nurse Betty Sue has prevented yet another resident ...

clown doctor

Doctor Finds New Life As A Clown More Fulfilling

Pediatrician Jim Smith is thrilled with his new career as a professional Clown. He ...

nurse reprimanded

Nurse Cures Cancer; Reprimanded for Breaking Protocol

ORLANDO, FL – While looking at some lab values in conjunction with scientific research ...

frustrated nurse

New Nurse Retires After First 12-Hour Shift

OCEANSIDE, CA – New graduate Betty Jones has decided to retire after her first ...

nurse smiling

Nurse Confesses She’s Just In It To Get Yelled At

AUSTIN, TX – Nurse Regan Ludwig recently admitted to ABC News that she works ...

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