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Being a professional pecker checker is a hard job that lends itself to a whole trove of great ball jokes and awkward situations. Being a female member of the stream team is even better. Through medical satire, I strive to expose and share as many cringe-worthy and lmao experiences as I can.
surgeon biopsy malignant

Surgery Residents Bring Other MDs to Work for a Day

5:00 am: Arrive at hospital. Peds and Psych are borderline comatose still. Medicine seems ...

10 Exciting Real Pages to Get, Especially at 2 AM

1. Patient reporting 10/10 pain, wants stronger meds after his nap. 2. Patient’s butt ...

female doctor

Patient Surprised to Find Out Female “Doctor” is Not a Nurse

SANTA CLARA, CA – Jonathan O’Skool, a 78 year-old contractor, was admitted to McCormick ...