Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Hospital Administration

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Area hospital announces plans to no longer provide complimentary room air

The current trend of monitizing all aspects of human existence has spread into all corners of society, including health care. Insurance companies have required that physicians prove medical necessity for even the most basic...

Patients Unable to Pay Hospital Bill Can Stay and Do Scut Work Instead

WILMINGTON, DE—With no end in sight to the national healthcare debate, one community hospital in Wilmington, DE is experimenting with a new way for patients to pay off their debts. Patients at Wilmington General...

Hospital Administrator Invents Time Travel to Eliminate 30 day Readmission Penalty

The small town community of Westbrook, NC was in shock last week as its local hospital VP of operations, Mr. Emmett Brown ODB, BMF, MBA, announced a groundbreaking invention that proved the long standing...
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New Joint Commission ER screen now Mandatory at Hospitals

Due to multiple complaints as well as a couple of negative outcomes related to sandwiches in ERs around the country, JCAHO this week unveiled a new mandatory ER screen, the TASTE-E. Any patient presenting...

Michelin Guide Awards 3 Stars to Hospital Cafeteria

DETROIT, MI—The Michelin Guide, the prestigious restaurant ratings book, awarded 3 stars—its highest honor—to only 133 eateries worldwide in its latest edition. But today a 134th one, accidentally left out of the publication, was...

Hospital Security Successfully Lobbies for Independent Practice

Reno, NV - In a rare demonstration of bipartisan support, hospital security officers were granted full and unrestricted rights to practice police work independently in the State of Nevada. The lobby for security officers...

Patient Who Won’t Sign Consent Form Feared to Have Read It

The decision by a patient to not sign an informed consent form has left her surgeon petrified that she actually read the form. If true, it would represent the first known time ever that...
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Meet Dilaudicillin the Groundbreaking New Narcotic/Antibiotic Combo that has Patient Satisfaction Scores Through the...

In the era of Press-Ganey scores, most physicians have finally accepted that they are essentially waiters whose job is to serve the every whim of their patients/customers. Accordingly, every good physician should be dispensing...
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Patient accused of violating HIPAA by signing his own name

RICHMOND, VA: As part of the ever-growing concern for patient privacy, Health and Human Services recently cited a VA patient for signing his own name on the preop consent form prior to his open...
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Take the quiz: Are you an evil insurance company?

1. Have you ever cancelled a preauthorization for a Monday cancer surgery….on a Friday afternoon? 2. Do you send routinely fliers to your customers extolling how you’re a leader in cutting health care costs, but...