Sunday, May 31, 2020



Orthopedic Surgeon Celebrates Transfusing Patient to 100% Hematocrit

DENVER, CO - Ortho spine surgeon Brik Bowers recently set the all-time record by transfusing his post-op patient to a hematocrit of 100%.  Bowers was found at his victory party, galloping around the room,...

Oncologist Dr. Trump: Making Your Body Great Again

NEW YORK, NY - Dr. Trump makes his rounds through the halls of NYU's hospital and you can overhear his barking: "Cisplatin you're FIRED, it's a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, start R-CHOP." GomerBlog was lucky enough to...

American Red Cross Creates American Brown Cross for Fecal Transplant Donations

WASHINGTON, DC - Despite increasing clinician awareness and education as well as instituting universal gloving procedures, hospital-associated Clostridium difficile infections have continued to be a major source of morbidity and mortality in the United...

CBC To Be Replaced By Cheaper Incomplete Blood Count

NASHVILLE, TN - Looking to save a few dollars here and there in order to hire more hospital administrators, leadership at Nashville Medical Center (NMC) will replace the "overused and overpriced" complete blood count (CBC) with...
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Study: Anticoagulation Initiation Instantly Increases Your Fall Risk

BOCA RATON, FL - Finally proving what most doctors already have suspected for decades, Dr. Sri-Sheshadariprativadibayankaram presented his research data which demonstrated the direct causative link between initiating systemic anticoagulation and fall risk.  "My study...

Oncologist Baffled by Cryptic Writing on Chart: DNR/DNI

NEAR SHORE MEDICAL CENTER, MANHASSET, NY - Dr. Kim Okemo was perplexed to find six cryptic letters on the chart of a 92-year-old patient.  "DNR/DNI?" uttered Dr. Okemo, who acquired over three-thousand acronyms in...

Doctor Vows to Not Sleep Until He Finds Cure for Cancer, Retracts That, Vows...

OMAHA, NE – World famous oncologist Dr. Samuel Potter publicly vowed last week to "not sleep until I find the cure for cancer."  This big announcement followed the ceremony where his famous lab was awarded...

MEDCOMIC Cartoons: Hilarious Medical Learning (Volume 2)

MEDCOMIC creator Jorge Muniz has created a funny and effective way to help study for that next test!  We posted a few of his many cartoons below, and if you like them, be sure...

Brilliant Chemist Gives up Dream of Curing Cancer, Focuses Efforts on Inducing 3 ½...

CAMBRIDGE, MA - Citing practical reasons, 41-year-old renowned chemist and laboratory researcher Charles Kenzington, Ph.D. has formally ended his three-decade quest to discover a compound to destroy all malignant cells. The decorated scientist instead plans...
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New Study Characterizes Metastatic Potential of Malignant Attendings

ROCHESTER, NY - Results of a new study have been released which describe for the first time the metastatic potential of malignant attendings.  “We’ve known for years that these malignancies were locally aggressive,” says lead...