Thursday, June 24, 2021

Opinion: Like Michigan Leaders, I Also Prefer My Water Corrosive and Full of Lead

I’m sure you’re reading about the Flint water crisis and thinking the same thing as me: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, the state’s Department of Environmental Quality, and other government officials are true heroes! BRAVO!!!...
hospital administrators

Commentary: Hospital Administrator Wants You to Have Some Priorities

Good morning, Dr Sri-Sheshadariprativadibayankaram.  Thanks for taking a moment out of your busy hospitalist day to stop by my office as I had requested.  Have a seat.  Yes, that's a gold-plated chair, thanks!  I used...

ICD-10 Codes Are Out: What Do You Think?

ICD-10 codes are out.  It contains over 14,400 codes for diseases, signs and symptoms, abnormal findings, complaints, special circumstances, and external causes of injury or diseases.  We asked around the hospital to see what...

Nurses Have Stethoscopes: What Do You Think?

The philosophical TV show, The View, recently discussed the recent Miss America pageant. Two of the hosts were very critical of Miss Colorado with comments such as: Why is she wearing a "nurse's uniform?"...
doctor on phone

This Patient Really Belongs on Your Service

Commentary by a Doctor of a Kind Different From Your Kind Hi.  I’m really sorry to be waking you at an hour such as this one, but there is a problem which I believe requires...

Commentary: Percocet Doesn’t Work for Me Because It Has Tylenol, and Tylenol Doesn’t Help...

Thanks but no thanks.  Percocet (oxycodone/acetaminophen) doesn’t work for me.  Why?  Isn’t it obvious?  You’re the one with the medical degree and you don’t even know?  Well let me explain it to you.  Percocet...
hospital administrator

Why I Became a Hospital Administrator

After carefully surveying the shifting American healthcare landscape for the past decade, I retired from my increasingly headache filled private practice and said to myself, "Self, you can’t beat ‘em, so join ‘em." No longer...
urology awkard

Let Me Have at Your Johnson

EXAM ROOM 4, UROLOGY CLINIC - Hello, sir.  You seem a little bit nervous.  Well, there’s no need for that, I can assure you.  After medical school I spent the better part of a decade...

CDC Official: I Want You to Think Really Hard as You Personally Battle Ebola

Hi.  I work for the CDC and I was assigned to your case I traveled from Atlanta as soon as I heard the news.  I was watching CNN.  They're based in Atlanta too, haha! In...
ebola virus

Ebola Virus: I’m Really Uncomfortable with All This Attention I’m Getting

Good morning, American citizens.  Let me introduce myself: I'm the Ebola virus. PLEASE!  Calm down, calm down and please allow me a few words.  I would really like to get a few things off my...