Sunday, July 5, 2020


African child

African Child Tragically Unaware He Has ‘Marker Negative Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder’‏

MAUN, BOTSWANA - A desperately impoverished 6-year-old boy in Sub-Saharan Africa lacks the access to medical care which could properly diagnose his "Marker Negative Mixed-Connective Tissue Disorder" (MNMCTD). Baruti Bakone spends most of his days...
father's day for physician or nurse

Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts for Your Physician/Nurse Dad

Did you forget to buy your doctor or nurse dad a gift for Father’s Day?  Don’t worry, GomerBlog has you covered.  Here’s a last minute gift guide by specialty for all you procrastinators out...

Physician Recruitment Ad Statements and What They Really Mean

Ad text Actual meaning Established medical center is a state of the art, modern, newly renovated hospital   The MRI works 12 hours out of the week, and the cost of that new fountain in the lobby will...

A Pharmacist’s Nightmare: A Drug Seeker & Their Excuses

We all know that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are on the front lines when it comes to drug-seeking patients. Somehow they can hold it together after a long day of being yelled at by...

Pharmacist Struggling to Calculate Dinner Tip

OCEANSIDE, NY - Inpatient pharmacist Mark Donato, beloved and trusted by his fellow physicians and other medical providers for being able to “dose anything,” was spotted at a local diner last night struggling to...

RxCupid a New Dating Site for Patients

PALO ALTO, CA - A new dating site has received its initial funding, called RxCupid.  The website tries to match the perfect patients together.  They can share rides or even ambulances to the hospital. Local...
wine pairs

Hospital Replaces Pharmacists with “Narcotic Sommeliers”

SANTA CLARA, CA - A Bay Area hospital is making a bold move to improve patient satisfaction, as last week its staff pharmacists were laid off and replaced with exhaustively educated and highly-trained "narcotic...

Dr. Oz is Right: “The Miracle Pill” is for Real

A world-renowned TV celebrity physician Dr. Oz unraveled the mystery behind “The Miracle Pill.”  “This sh** is for real,” says Dr. Oz while throwing in a few tablets in his mouth in front of...

Patient Can’t Pronounce Metoprolol, Electively Intubated

RICHMOND, VA - Patient Mary Andrews, a 52-year-old female with atrial fibrillation tried to pronounce the beta blocker “metoprolol” earlier this morning.  She found herself stuck on the second syllable.  Thanks to her nurse...

Investigation Reveals Dilaudid Manufactured From Unicorn Tears

Reports from a three year long undercover investigation reveal that Pharmagen has been manufacturing dilaudid using a tremendous volume of unicorn tears. The 3,000 year old female pegasys was captured by the pharmaceutical giant...