Friday, May 7, 2021


Patient Can’t Pronounce Metoprolol, Electively Intubated

RICHMOND, VA - Patient Mary Andrews, a 52-year-old female with atrial fibrillation tried to pronounce the beta blocker “metoprolol” earlier this morning.  She found herself stuck on the second syllable.  Thanks to her nurse...

Makers of Dilaudid to Officially Change Name to ‘That One That Starts with a...

WASHINGTON, DC - In a stunning move the makers of Dilaudid (hydromorphone) have officially changed their product name to “That One That Starts with a D.”  The move comes about as lawmakers attempt to...

Controlled Substance Just Wants to Be Treated Like Other Substances

PHARMACY, USA - “You know, I’m just like everyone else. I just want to be in the same classes, have the same schedule,” lamented methadone, a schedule two (CII) controlled substance student, who recently...
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Worst Pick-Up Lines by Medical Subspecialty

GomerBlog did some research on a hot and steamy topic: What are the worst pick-up lines by subspecialty?  Here goes! Allergy “I like it when you can’t breathe.” Anesthesiology “I’d love to rescue your airway.” Bariatric Surgery “Come on, I...
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Protamine Shortage Amid Strike at Salmon Sperm Acquisition Factory

DALLAS, TX - Add another to the list: protamine.  This antidote to heparin is on national shortage and warnings are being issued to hospitals nationwide. Protamine comes from the sperm of salmon.  At the largest...
African child

African Child Tragically Unaware He Has ‘Marker Negative Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder’‏

MAUN, BOTSWANA - A desperately impoverished 6-year-old boy in Sub-Saharan Africa lacks the access to medical care which could properly diagnose his "Marker Negative Mixed-Connective Tissue Disorder" (MNMCTD). Baruti Bakone spends most of his days...

Horse Veterinarian-Turned-Physician Prescribing Too Many Large Pills and Euthanasia

BALTIMORE, MD – Former top equine veterinarian for race horses and now turned top physician, Dr. Zack Berger of Johns Hopkins, has been called out by his colleagues for his unusual practices. Whistleblower and colleague, Dr....
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Unsure What’s a Banana Bag, Pharmacist Just Bags a Bunch of Bananas

HONOLULU, HI - New pharmacist Aaron Prior-Auth admits he was flustered when nurse practitioner Karen Kaufmann called him up to get a "banana bag, stat!"  Using his instincts, he drummed up what was in...

Report: Nurse on 3rd Floor Excited to Give 0.1 mg of Dilaudid

CHICAGO, IL – Local nurse Melissa Jacobson’s shift just got better when she noticed what was written for pain medication on her patient. “Oh, Boy!  0.1 mg, I can hardly wait.  Goodbye, pain,” chimed...

Pharmacist Struggling to Calculate Dinner Tip

OCEANSIDE, NY - Inpatient pharmacist Mark Donato, beloved and trusted by his fellow physicians and other medical providers for being able to “dose anything,” was spotted at a local diner last night struggling to...