JANESVILLE, MI – In an unprecedented occurrence Dr. Fern noticed the absence of a morning blood pressure.  Starting to walk out of the room to look for the nurse, he had an epiphany: “If I just get the blood pressure myself it may save some time.”  He went back into the room and cycled the cuff.  While the cuff cycled he was able to ask his questions wasting no time.

44292335_mThe blood pressure came back on this patient 164/88.  Not believing the results Dr. Fern did something even more shocking, took off the cuff to place on the other arm.  This could be the first time a blood pressure cuff was cycled by a physician followed by a repeat blood pressure check at St. Joe’s Hospital.

Initial reports of this event produced skeptics from the charge nurse to Dr. Fern’s colleagues.  Initial forensic reports confirm that Dr. Fern’s finger prints are on the Cycle Blood Pressure cuff button.

While writing his note Dr. Fern noticed there was no respiratory rate.  Starting to stand up he realized that the patient was too far away.  “I’ll just write down 16.”