ex fixed ex fix

SEATTLE, WA – Questioning if the external fixation device (or ex fix) placed on a patient’s leg is stable enough for the job, Harborview Medical Center orthopod Brock Hammersley made history today by becoming the first orthopedic surgeon to place an ex fix on an ex fix.

ex fixed ex fix
Double the fun

“Look, the last thing this bro [patient] needs is for his ex fix to fail, then the next thing you know some other bro [orthopedic surgeon] has to fix it, bro [Gomerblog],” Hammersley told Gomerblog.  “Why take a chance?”

A half-hearted literature search conducted by our team revealed no prior cases of ex fixing an ex fix.  The best we could find were cases of ex fixes being used to stabilize medical instruments and national monuments.  As far as we know, neither of us these ex fixes have been ex fixed.

One wonders how Hammersley came up with this groundbreaking procedure.  Interestingly enough when we asked him, Hammersley said he used rather common circumstances to generate his revolutionary and redundant idea.

“I thought long and hard and realized I double glove for surgeries and I double knot my shoelaces,” Hammersley continued.  “Then I thought even harder.  I used to love the game Double Dragon, which was always easier in two-player mode.  Then I used to see those Double Mint commercials, which convinced me that two is better than one.  Same principle.  Two ex fixes.  A double ex fix.”

Only time will tell if ex-fixing an ex will become the standard of care.




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