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Laws of Medicine is dually specialized in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. His accolades include the landmark papers, "Ignorance is a treatable condition but stupidity is not" and "People do irrational things for rational reasons," both published in the New England Journal of Medicine. When not practicing medicine or writing satire, he does pro bono work as a superhero
pokemon go

Pokemon Go Video Game Gets People to go Outside

Doctors are flabbergasted by what Nintendo has achieved. For years, they have been telling ...

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Patient Asks About Side Effects, Gets Every Single One of Them

What started off as a routine admission has sent shockwaves through the medical community. ...


Hospital Gets Inadequate Transfer Documents, Sends Patient Back

NEW ORLEANS, LA – A tertiary care academic medical center has sent shockwaves through the ...

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Doctor Calls Patient in Clinic to Get Her Off the Phone

HARRISBURG—Ms. Rue D’Patient was entering the 6th minute of her phone call to a ...