Monday, February 8, 2021


Placenta Accidentally Sent to Hospital Cafeteria

ATLANTA, GA – Officials at Atlanta Health Cardiac Hospital (AHCH) regrettably informed the public about a terrible mix-up that occurred yesterday.  24-year-old Amy Fairbanks gave birth to a healthy baby girl via cesarean section yesterday after...
vaginal bleeding

Commentary: I Wish Someone Would Tell Me Why My Vagina Keeps Bleeding

My name is Valerie.  I'm thirty-five years old and I've been blessed with good health my entire life.  I'm happily married and have two beautiful children.  I’m a teacher in an elementary school and...
obstetrician sued

Obstetrician Sued When Adolescent Son Turns Out to Be ‘A Disappointment’

SAN JOSE, CA - Obstetrician Dr. Ambika Kumar has found herself in a lawsuit claiming over $14 million in damages by local aggrieved parents. Shari and Mike Berger report that Dr. Kumar delivered their son, Brendan,...

Surgical Resident Delivers Mid-Case, Stays to Close

MASS. GENERAL HOSPITAL - Dr. Hannah Richards, a 3rd year surgical resident, was 39+0 weeks pregnant going into Thursday.  She scrubbed into Dr. Alexander's hemicolectomy with lymph node dissection, a great case for her log. "This...
lawyers drinking

Proposition 46 in California Designed by Inebriated Trial Lawyers, Sparks Proposition 47 and 48

SACRAMENTO, CA - A ferocious yearlong battle over Proposition 46 will be decided in California at the polls this upcoming November.  Proposition 46 includes proposals to drug test physicians, to raise caps on medical malpractice...
upset mother

Mother Furious With OB Nurse Who Mispronounced Her Baby’s Name

PORTLAND, OR - "Simply Outrageous!"  Those were comments on a patient survey card by a mother regarding an OB nurse at Mercy Care Hospital yesterday on the 6th floor.  The nurse is being charged with mispronouncing the mother’s newborn...
shag OR

Operating Room from the 70s Shutting Down, ‘Difficult to Clean’

NEW YORK, NY – Disco isn’t dead, yet.  One of the last remaining icons of the great disco movement in NYC still remains in St. Jude’s Operating Room #4. “This OR was and still is the grooviest...

Study: Length of Birth Plan Correlates to Length of C-Section Scar

ST. LOUIS, MO - A new study just published in the latest Obstetrics and Gynecology Journal demonstrated that the longer a woman’s birth plan was, the greater the likelihood of her going for a...

The ACOG Changes Pregnancy to 42 Weeks, Makes Dividing into Trimesters Easier

HILLBRANCH, SC – The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) recently released groundbreaking news: pregnancy will now be extended to 42 weeks instead of the typical 40 weeks. This was put into place because mothers...

Baby Finds His Umbilical Cord, Passes Out

UTERUS - Local uterine baby, Baby Dennis, told reporters yesterday he just found a long umbilical cord floating around his head. "This long cord is just floating in front of me and when I squeeze it...