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surgeon shoes

Patient Alarmed After Noticing Surgeon’s Shoelace Untied

MARIETTA, GA – Multiple sources are confirming that local patient Harry Dander is growing ...

Samsung Galaxy Pager fire

Samsung Galaxy Pager Explodes, Intern in Critical Condition

DURHAM, NC – An internal medicine intern Becky Lambert is in critical condition today after her ...

nurse saves resident

Nurse Saves Resident’s A** Again

In a usual twist of events, Nurse Betty Sue has prevented yet another resident ...

hospital discharge

Patients and Residents Use Buddy System to Reduce Handoffs

LOS ANGELES, CA – The UCLA Medical Center is using a patient-resident buddy system ...

emergency physician

Emergency Medicine Attending Admits Patient Without Resident Assistance

Dr. Ellie Goodmedicine, an attending physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine at New ...

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