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Doc Around the Clock is a Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician, ER Medical Director, and proud owner of a Minivan. He used to record Simpsons episodes on VHS, had a subscription to Mad magazine, and still stays up to watch Saturday Night Live (though falls asleep after Weekend Update)…so, yeah, you can expect some fresh, cutting-edge medical satire. When he’s not in the ER trying to prevent safety events, in a meeting about a safety event, or writing an email about a safety event, you can find and follow Doc Around the Clock on Twitter @ERDoc4Kids.

Music Therapist Tired of Playing the Hits

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Walking into her patient’s room at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), ...

nursemaids marching

Nation’s Nursemaids March to Clear Name

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Nursemaids from around the nation convened on the National Mall Tuesday ...

orthopedic surgeon orthopedics orthopaedics

Breaking News: Orthopod Catches Dosing Error

BOSTON, MA – Rotating Orthopedics 4th year resident, Dr. Brandt Sullivan, caught a medication ...