Wednesday, June 16, 2021


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CDC: Inhale Lysol Before, After Every COVID-19 Encounter

ATLANTA, GA - Based on recent review of the available evidence, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) strongly recommends inhaling Lysol before and after every encounter with a patient with...

Be Like Bill Medical Collection – Part 1

attending physician

Attending Known for Long ICU Rounds Admits She is Actually Just Filibustering Her Crappy...

At the Pannus University Hospital, there is one specific attending, who preferred to remain anonymous for this article, known for exquisitely long rounds.  Every lab value must be read out loud.  Every differential diagnosis...
Iron Man hemochromatosis

Breaking: Iron Man Diagnosed with Hemochromatosis

NEW YORK, NY - After his primary care physician insist he undergo several tests over the past month to uncover the cause of his abnormal liver function tests (LFTs), Iron Man has unfortunately been...