Monday, August 10, 2020


EM Doctor

Internal Medicine Resident Ecstatic About Upcoming Emergency Department Rotation

STONY BROOK, NY – Internal medicine (IM) resident Dr. Thinksalot was delighted to learn that his emergency department rotation was coming up.  "When I think of all the time I spend actually talking to...

Interventional Radiology Performs CT-Guided Chart Biopsy

RICHMOND, VA - History was made yesterday at Richmond Medical Center, as an interventional radiology (IR) team led by Dr. John Johnston-Johnson performed the world’s first successful CT-guided chart biopsy. “Words cannot express this moment,”...

Patient Still 10/10 Pain Even After a ‘Being-Set-On-Fire’ Analogy

NEWARK, NJ - Patient Deborah Skemp woke up today at 6:30 a.m. during rounds by her physician Dr. Waters.  He asked her the usual morning questions that one would ask for a typical abdominal pain...
non-emergency consult reasonable hour

Breaking: Consultant Called for Non-Urgent Consult at Reasonable Hour

NASHVILLE, TN - First-year infectious diseases fellow Lena Burke burst into tears of joy when in the rarest of occurrences - certainly the first time it happened for her since starting on July 1st...
baby aspirin

FDA Reminder: Baby Aspirin Not Actually Meant for Babies

SILVER SPRING, MD - Looking to clear things up to the confused American public, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a reminder that baby aspirin is not meant for babies; it's meant for...
heparin bridge 85

I-85 in Atlanta is Finally Therapeutic, Heparin Bridge D/C’d

ATLANTA, GA - Gomerblog is excited to report that I-85 in Atlanta, which collapsed 6 weeks ago for reasons that can likely be blamed on Anesthesia, finally has a therapeutic INR of 2.45, and...
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CDC: Inhale Lysol Before, After Every COVID-19 Encounter

ATLANTA, GA - Based on recent review of the available evidence, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) strongly recommends inhaling Lysol before and after every encounter with a patient with...
chapped lips hot mess express

Patient Formally Diagnosed as Acute on Chronic Hot Mess

SANTA FE, NM - After a battery of laboratory tests, radiographic imaging, and subspecialty consultations, a team of health care professionals has formally diagnosed their medically complex patient as an acute on...

Latest Research Suggests That a Nice Family Prognosticates Mortality in the Intensive Care Unit

ABSTRACT Background A group of 1594 (667 were excluded for lack of relative personality traits) patients in a large metropolitan hospital were enrolled in a research study that aims to prove that having a kind, genial,...