Monday, August 10, 2020

Family of Med Student Not Sure What They’re Celebrating Anymore

AUSTIN, TX -- Dale Rawlings, grandfather of Mackenzie Rawlings, attended her Match Day event this weekend and had utterly no clue the entire time. Mackenzie joins her classmates, the class of 2018, in starting her...

South Asian Woman Graduates from Med School, Becomes Another Doctor Her Parents Won’t Listen...

DALLAS, TX -- Mr. and Ms. Rajan celebrated this weekend as their daughter Vaishnavi graduated with an MD they plan to ignore completely. "It's so good to finally have a doctor in the family," said...

Oh NO! This Banker Doubles Students’ Debt at Medical School Graduation

PARKER, CO - At Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine newly minted doctors received a bit of a surprised at commencement. You could say their expectations were doubled. C. Allen Parker, Wells Fargo...
cocaine enthusiasm

Med Student Attributes Wide-Eyed Enthusiasm to Cocaine Use

NEW YORK, NY - Internal medicine attending Lauren Stevens was really impressed with her third-year medical student Steven Donnelly, in particular the energy and enthusiasm he brought to work each and every morning.  When...
colonic mudslide

Manual Disimpaction Gone Awry: Med Student Buried in Colonic Mudslide

PHOENIX, AZ - A frantic search and rescue is underway after third-year medical student Barry Manama was unexpectedly whisked away by a colonic mudslide during a routine manual disimpaction on his patient...

Med Student Interested In Dermatology Already Acting Like A Mohs Surgeon

On a quiet Tuesday afternoon, the dermatology clinics at GMH (General Medical Hospital) are filled with the sounds of clicks and types. As each aftervisit summary is hand-filled with “apply topical corticosteroid before bed”,...

MS3 Responsible for Additional 50cc Blood Loss During Surgery for Doing ‘The Dab’ Instead...

AKRON, OH - After working in academics for over 20 years in Gynecology, Dr. Marshall thought she had seen it all. But a whole new level of stupid walked into the room on May...
medical student adorbs CAGE questionnaire infectious enthusiasm

Med Student’s Enthusiasm a Little Too Infectious, Placed in Isolation

LOS ANGELES, CA - Third-year UCLA medical student Christopher Witt has been placed into airborne, droplet, and contact isolation after both the third-year resident and attending on his internal medicine team found...
medical student

ABCDE’s of Trauma: MS3 Edition

In the fourth year of medical school and we are required to complete an “intern prep course” that involves a lot of simulation cases. It was in our trauma simulation that I learned that...
C-collar cervical collar neck brace

Med Student Struggling to Fit C-Collar onto Woman’s Cervix

BALTIMORE, MD - A first-year medical student at The Hoppin’ Johns University is struggling to place a woman's cervix into a C-collar this morning. "You plan to do what...