Friday, October 23, 2020


screening for cancer

TSA to Start Screening for Colorectal Cancer at Airports

ATLANTA, GA – U.S. government officials said on Thursday that they would start screening patients for unintentional weight loss and bloody stools, starting with Hartsfield-Jackson International (ATL) airport this coming weekend, in an effort...

FDA Approves Groundbreaking Postmortem Chemotherapy Protocol

BOCA RATON, FL - Sending shockwaves throughout the medical community, the Food & Drug Administration approved a postmortem chemotherapy regimen to be administered after a patient has passed away from cancer. The protocol will...

Orthopedic Surgeon Celebrates Transfusing Patient to 100% Hematocrit

DENVER, CO - Ortho spine surgeon Brik Bowers recently set the all-time record by transfusing his post-op patient to a hematocrit of 100%.  Bowers was found at his victory party, galloping around the room,...

CDC Guidelines Using Pathologists as Model for ‘Extreme Social Distancing’

ATLANTA, GA - With point of care testing for SARS-CoV-2 drastically lagging behind patient demand, experts at the CDC are urging the public to help practice social distancing to help flatten the epidemiologic curve. In...

Interventional Radiology Performs CT-Guided Chart Biopsy

RICHMOND, VA - History was made yesterday at Richmond Medical Center, as an interventional radiology (IR) team led by Dr. John Johnston-Johnson performed the world’s first successful CT-guided chart biopsy. “Words cannot express this moment,”...
fresh-squeezed frozen plasma

Outdoor Blood Bank Stand Offers Fresh-Squeezed Frozen Plasma

KNOXVILLE, TN - In the hopes of luring more patients, Knoxville General Hospital has setup an outdoor blood bank stand boasting that their frozen plasma is not only fresh but fresh-squeezed too....

Lost Your Car in the Hospital Garage? Order a Consult

If it has happened once, it has happened a million times: you forgot where you parked.  It is the end of the day and all you want to do is go home but where...

New Journal of Negative Studies Announced

BOSTON, MA - The medical community is abuzz today with the announcement of the new Journal of Negative Studies.  The journal, which will focus on studies that showed no effect on patient outcomes, will...

Nurses Have Stethoscopes: What Do You Think?

The philosophical TV show, The View, recently discussed the recent Miss America pageant. Two of the hosts were very critical of Miss Colorado with comments such as: Why is she wearing a "nurse's uniform?"...
food buffet

Pathologists Running Out of Food (Terms)

SEATTLE, WA - At the national meeting for pathologists, a packed, plenary session on the impending crisis of pathologic terms was held. For years now, pathologists have known that they are running out of food...