Sunday, December 4, 2022


banana bag

Unsure What’s a Banana Bag, Pharmacist Just Bags a Bunch of Bananas

HONOLULU, HI - New pharmacist Aaron Prior-Auth admits he was flustered when nurse practitioner Karen Kaufmann called him up to get a "banana bag, stat!"  Using his instincts, he drummed up what was in...

Report: Nurse on 3rd Floor Excited to Give 0.1 mg of Dilaudid

CHICAGO, IL – Local nurse Melissa Jacobson’s shift just got better when she noticed what was written for pain medication on her patient. “Oh, Boy!  0.1 mg, I can hardly wait.  Goodbye, pain,” chimed...

Investigation Reveals Dilaudid Manufactured From Unicorn Tears

Reports from a three year long undercover investigation reveal that Pharmagen has been manufacturing dilaudid using a tremendous volume of unicorn tears. The 3,000 year old female pegasys was captured by the pharmaceutical giant...
salmon eggs

Protamine Shortage Amid Strike at Salmon Sperm Acquisition Factory

DALLAS, TX - Add another to the list: protamine.  This antidote to heparin is on national shortage and warnings are being issued to hospitals nationwide. Protamine comes from the sperm of salmon.  At the largest...

Local Doctor Consults Sauron to Create the One Pill to Cure Them All

“I was at my wits’ end with these chronic pain patients,” Local doctor Fro Doe told reporters. “They keep coming in over and over wanting that one pill that fixes everything: their weight, hypertension,...

Dr. Oz is Right: “The Miracle Pill” is for Real

A world-renowned TV celebrity physician Dr. Oz unraveled the mystery behind “The Miracle Pill.”  “This sh** is for real,” says Dr. Oz while throwing in a few tablets in his mouth in front of...
cancer drug

Cancer Drug Delayed 2 Years Due to Licensing Deal

Boston, MA – Astra-Nomical has delayed their wonder cancer drug, Fizamax (ferazepatab), again. This time up to 2 years because of promotional disputes. “We were in late talks with Lucasfilm to have their new Jedi...

ER Places Bowl Full of Percocet in Waiting Room, Lowers Visits

HANOVER, NJ – Local emergency medicine physicians have developed a groundbreaking way to reduce the number of patients they will see during a shift.  The new policy mimics a common Halloween tradition: leave a bowl...

Surgeon General to Reverse Opioid Epidemic with Whopping Dose of Narcan

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Acting Surgeon General Sylvia Trent-Adams has unveiled a new strategy against the nation's opioid epidemic, and it simply involves giving the United States a "whopping, several-million mg dose" of Narcan (naloxone)...

RxCupid a New Dating Site for Patients

PALO ALTO, CA - A new dating site has received its initial funding, called RxCupid.  The website tries to match the perfect patients together.  They can share rides or even ambulances to the hospital. Local...