Sunday, July 5, 2020


Plastic Surgery Satire Articles

Ugly Med Student Trying to Match into Plastic Surgery Not Expected To Do Well

SEATTLE, WA - Three months ago, fourth year medical student Trevor Barlock took a deep breath and submitted his applications to integrated plastic surgery programs around the country. Barlock recalls the feeling. “It was a...

Lyft Offshoot FaceLyft Offers Patients Rides To, From Plastic Surgeons

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Catering to the very specific niche of passengers needing rides to and from their plastic surgery appointments, Lyft's new offshoot rideshare app FaceLyft opens for business today to much abuzzed...

Mom Still Cleaning Up After Surgeon Son

NAPLES, FL - A recent phenomenon in an operating room (OR) at Mary Mother Hospital has caught quite the buzz.  Dr. Roger Messi was going about his daily routine performing his third surgery when...

Most Popular Medical Questions of 2016 by State

2016 is complete, and we combed through the data at Google to find out what were the most popular medical questions asked by state (click the map to enlarge): What is New England's obsession with...
atls by medical specialty

Do You Know Your ABCs by Subspecialty?

CHICAGO, IL – The American College of Surgeons (ACS) released new subspecialty-focused primary survey guidelines for Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) this week after a panel review at the recent national meeting. “With no major...

General Surgeon Moves Clinic to Operating Room, Cites Excessive Patient Consciousness

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – Jacob Townsend, a 53-year-old general surgeon, has decided to permanently move his clinic to the operating room due to ongoing disruption from patient consciousness.  “Allowing my patients to talk about...

Stryker Surgical Snacks, The Perfect OR Treat

DALLAS, TX – Stryker Surgical just released a new line bound to please every orthopedic surgeon, anesthesiologist, CRNA, OR nurse, surgical tech, and yes, even make the general surgeons happy too.  They’re called Stryker...

Physician Recruitment Ad Statements and What They Really Mean

Ad text Actual meaning Established medical center is a state of the art, modern, newly renovated hospital   The MRI works 12 hours out of the week, and the cost of that new fountain in the lobby will...

Fancy Medical Terms and What They Really Mean

Nurses and doctors use fancy words to communicate and sound smart before patients, families and each other. Having spent most of his adult life in the hospital, Livin La Vida Locum, M.D. shares the...

New Cosmetic Anesthesia Services Get Glowing Patient Reviews

CALABASAS, CA - Patient satisfaction has skyrocketed at a local California hospital after the decision to implement a Cosmetic Anesthesia program.  Surgical patients can now be treated to a facial and other spa procedures,...