Hospital Administrators Utilizing Twitter $8 Blue Checkmarks for Patient Communication

Blue check marks for patients

Hospital administrators at Unitis Healthcare have implemented a new communication system for patients at all of their hospitals in the New England region. Admitted patients to the hospital will have the option to download Twitter to their phones and can communicate to their nurses and doctors via twitter.

“We are breaking ground in hospital communications from the days of the call light,” states CEO of Saint Mary Hospital Rachel Evertins.  “Now patients can tweet their nurses and doctors 24/7 to ask questions and to receive better service. Call light requests and non-verified twitter patients will still be seen and taken care of, but if you pay for the $8 blue checkmark verification, we will attend to your needs much quicker.”

A recent postoperative patient at Saint Mary Hospital raved about the new service. “Sometimes finding the call light and actually talking to a Nurse was a pain.  Now I can just use my phone and tweet my request or question. Before being verified, I had multiple spam accounts so the nurses had no clue if the requests were legit. Like one night they received 14 requests for a turkey sandwich and dilaudid push from me when I am more of a 2-3 sandwich guy and maybe a dilaudid push every once in a while!”

Unitis Healthcare has teamed up with Twitter to receive $4 per patient that signs up for the service.  Patients will have the option to continue the $8 subscription on a monthly basis which is especially appealing for frequent flyers.