Saturday, January 2, 2021


Drug Dealer Makes Seamless Transition to Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

THE BLOCK, USA - Rarely does a multiple felon make a career comeback - apart from athletes, rappers, bankers, politicians, law enforcement officers, and anyone in the 1% - but retired drug dealer Green Giant recently beat those...
cancer drug

Cancer Drug Delayed 2 Years Due to Licensing Deal

Boston, MA – Astra-Nomical has delayed their wonder cancer drug, Fizamax (ferazepatab), again. This time up to 2 years because of promotional disputes. “We were in late talks with Lucasfilm to have their new Jedi...

Exercise ‘Can Be As Good As Pills’

Exercise can be as good a medicine as pills for people with conditions such as heart disease, a study has found.  The work in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) looked at hundreds of trials involving nearly...