Monday, February 8, 2021

Primary Care

kentucky derby

Kentucky Derby Will Include a Hospital Specialty ‘Race for the Roses’ at Churchill Downs

LOUISVILLE, KY - With the Kentucky Derby just around the corner, excitement is mounting for all the festivities and races.  Many of the races leading up to the Derby race are overlooked, prompting interest...
pencil by medical specialty

Describe This Pencil by Medical Specialty

Your specialty of choice fosters a certain way of doing things. We polled residents from several different specialties and asked them to describe this pencil. Family Medicine: I’m already behind on my descriptions for four...
iv pole medical student

In Cost-Cutting Measure, IV Poles to Be Replaced with Eager Medical Students

BIRMINGHAM, AL - Earlier this week, administrators and health care practitioners at Birmingham Medical Center implemented a new cost-cutting measure that hopes to save their health system millions of dollars.  What is the new...
cheetos sign

New Cheetos Finger Decision Rule for Abdominal Pain

ANDERSON, CA - In a bold move, the Emergency Physicians at St Vincent Hospital in Anderson California have introduced the “Cheetos Fingers” sign into their diagnostic decision making algorithm. The high costs of abdominal...
ketchup packet

Ketchup Packet in Random Clinic Drawer Turns 5 Years Old Today

NEW YORK, NY - And a Happy Fifth Birthday today to the 9-gram Heinz Ketchup packet located in a random desk drawer in some office at NYU Langone Medical Center!  It was placed there...

Family Cancels Vacation after EpiPen Use

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Bad news from the Carson family house yesterday, Chris and Jenny had to tell their kids that their recent use of an EpiPen, for an allergic reaction, forced them to cancel...
sexual harassment in hospital

Avoiding Sexual Harassment Charges on the Job

With the arrest of a prominent emergency medicine physician in Manhattan for the alleged sexual abuse of patients in his care, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of professional standards in this...

New Movantik (The Poop Medication) Commercial – Parody

Naloxegol or Movantik was made famous during the Super Bowel when we were all graced with a constipation ad to help fight the opioid crisis. Here was the original unedited ad:
crying hospital

Will I Cry During This Admission?

The hospital can be a scary place, even to frequent fliers.  With so much uncertainty about what to expect, it would be nice to have a guide to help identify risk factors for distress...

Hospital’s New ‘Therapy Monkey’ Program Met with Mixed Reviews

AURORA, CO – Three weeks after its launch, an innovative new ‘Therapy Monkey’ program at Children’s Hospital Colorado is being met with mixed reviews. Long-known as a leader in designing ways to decrease patient...