Monday, July 18, 2022

Local Resident Physician Found in Respiratory Therapist Car’s Trunk

GLENDALE, AZ – Resident physician, Dr. Chad Rogers, was finally found after a 2-day manhunt.  His wife states that he went to work 8 days ago and not coming home after a week triggered an alarm.  "I...
ativan diffuser

FDA Finally Approves The Ativan Diffuser for All Hospital Units

WASHINGTON, DC - In a closely contested vote, the FDA approved a new medical delivery device this week, the H-Vape 86.  It is an Ativan air diffuser that looks like a Vicks Vaporub humidifier, yet...

Medical Specialties as Game of Thrones Characters

As all medical specialties try to gain control of the hospital, we've narrowed down who their characters are: Cardiology, you poor tortured soul with a horrible life. Let's be honest, you got yourself into this.       ...
millennial medical resident

Old School Residency Versus Millennial Residency

What are your thoughts on residency training?  Are the ACGME restrictions helping or hindering medical education?  Let's get the conversation started on our new forum post here! For more reading: - New Mandatory Naptime ACGME Regulation -...

The Difference Between Medical Students & Residents

Can you tell apart a medical student and a resident? A medical student is often mistaken for a small, furry animal due to their undeniable cuteness.  They are cute and shy because they are tremendously...
icu patient

ICU Patient Accidentally Sent to Morgue After Nurses Fail to Address ‘Plan for Today’...

CHICAGO, IL - Investigators at East Hope Memorial Hospital in Chicago are "sickened" by new findings in a neglect case involving an ICU patient.  Reports are circulating that an ICU patient was accidentally sent to...
arterial line circle of willis CPR emergency department butthurt audacity code shift change prior authorization otherwise stable

ED Study Reveals Spectacular Patient Selfishness

According to a riveting new study delving into the mindset of emergency department patients, as many as 97% of patrons are almost completely unaware of any other patients in the department. Dr. Hans Albright, an...
angry nurse

Top 10 Ways to Really Piss Your Nurse Off

Ever wonder how you can really piss off your nurse taking care of you in the hospital?  If you are like most of us, the answer is probably a resounding YES.  The problem is...

Dilaumed: Look-Alike Sound-Alike Medication Praised by ER Physicians and Nurses Everywhere

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A new medication that has been deliberately named to be a classic look-alike sound-alike drug, has been welcomed with arms wide open among emergency medicine physicians and nurses. "We typically have to...