Monday, July 13, 2020
EHR cursing

Report: 55% of Time Spent in Front of EHRs, Other 45% Spent Cursing at...

BOSTON, MA - In a report that is both shocking yet not shocking at all, a Harvard University report states that health care professionals spent 55% of their work day in front of an...
password 500 characters

Providers Now Required to Change EMR Password Every 20 Minutes

KEARNEY, NE - In yet another initiative to safeguard patient information and enhance HIPAA compliance, Kind Humanitarian Hospital (KHH) enacted a new policy requiring providers to change their EMR passwords every twenty minutes. Hospital administrators...
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CDC: Pictures Now Worth 2300 Words, Up from a Thousand, Time to Chart with...

ATLANTA, GA - In a development that may have implementations for charting and medical documentation and all the health care professionals lucky enough to do it, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)...
perfect PowerPoint presentation

Tips for Creating the Perfect PowerPoint Presentation

Creation and presentation of the perfect PowerPoint presentation (PPPP or Quadruple P) is always the Holy Grail for any health care professional, no matter if you're presenting informally among a few peers or formally...

Study: Length of D/C Summary Inversely Proportional to Length of Stay (LOS)

BETHESDA, MD - A landmark study conducted by the National Institute of Documentation (NID) has proven once and for all the length of a discharge summary is inversely proportional to a given patient's length of...
charting more charting meaning of life

Scientists, Spiritual Leaders Unlock Meaning of Life: Charting, More Charting

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - A week-long meeting of the world's leading scientists, scholars, and spiritual leaders at The Hague has culminated in a solution to mankind's greatest mystery: What is the meaning of life?  The unanimous...
ACGME burnout enemy-to-enemy

ACGME Limits Resident Work Hours to 168 Per Week

CHICAGO, IL - In an effort to increase resident satisfaction and curb the current epidemic of burnout in health care professionals, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has published new guidelines to...

KevinMD Burned Out Churning Out Burnout Articles

NASHUA, NH - Leading expert on the topic of burnout and owner of website KevinMD, Kevin Pho, has informed Gomerblog that he has officially burned out from churning out all these articles on burnout....
EMR computers

EMR Seeks Upgrade in Physician Users

In a breathtaking technological leap, the EMR Purgatory recently shut down all screens at City Hospital in order to send the message: ‘Please upgrade users.’ IT staff were stunned, at first by the apparent...
ICD-10 bra codes

Finally! A Chart with Bra Sizes as ICD-10 Codes

One of the most straightforward things in life is picking the right ICD-10 code for a given medical condition.  That got us thinking: what if we could apply the common sense system to some...