Thursday, September 24, 2020

Nursing Student

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placement medicine

‘Hospital Medicine’ Renamed ‘Placement Medicine’

PHILADELPHIA, PA - The Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) has announced that effective January 1, 2017, the specialty known as Hospital Medicine will be renamed Placement Medicine in order to best reflect current practices.  The...

Physicians Hold Drexit Vote, Doctors Exit Medicine

KANSAS CITY, KS - A large, synchronous exhale was heard this morning as the results of Drexit, or Doctors Exiting Medicine, came in.  Millions of doctors around the country voted to leave medicine this Saturday....
nasal cannula

Top 10 Nasal Cannula Positions for Optimizing Oxygenation and Comfort

After extensive research and data from GomerBlog fans and experts, we elected to perform a systemic review for the top positions for nasal cannula placement on patients.  Our research stemmed from the outstanding research...
nurses bench press

As Americans Get Fatter, Nursing Recruits More Football Players and Weightlifters

ATLANTA, GA — An old joke asks, “What do you call a nurse with a bad back?” The punchline is “unemployed.” As Americans get fatter, nurses struggle to lift and position the behemoths they...
nice patient endangered species

Breaking: Nice Patients Added to Endangered Species List

WASHINGTON, DC - In a move suggesting they are likely to become extinct unless something more is done to save them for future generations, the National Academy of Medicine (NAM; formerly known as the Institute...
nursing call light

Tips for Patients: How to Use a Call Light

Nurses are incredibly busy.  And by busy we mean doing endless charting.  So much so that they're contractually not allowed to eat or urinate.  It's no wonder that call lights were invented; to help...

Nursing Student Enters OR Without Shoe Covers: Beatings Commence

WARWICK, RI - The student nurse stared nervously at the blood-red line bisecting the hallway.  Scrub hat and surgical mask, check.  Full breakfast and adequate hydration to prevent passing out and taking a bite...
favorite sleeping positions

Which is Your Favorite Position to Guarantee a Good Night’s Sleep?

As for us at Gomerblog, it's split between the standing and knee-chest positions.  That's like choosing which twin you love!  In our opinion, there's something about the cool breeze teasing your anal sphincter that...
Adele Hello

Adele’s ‘Hello’ Parody for Nursing Students and Nurses

Stephanie Olmanni puts on an amazing rendition of Adele's "Hello" that any nurse or nursing student can relate to, especially when applying to California. "Parody of Adele's "Hello" describing the plight of the out-of-state California...