Thursday, June 24, 2021

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Study Shows ‘Hold On, I’ll Get Your Nurse’ Most Common Phrase Doctors Say to...

A new survey published this month reveals the sentence “Hold on, I’ll get your nurse” to be the most common thing doctors say to inpatients.  The phrase, reportedly used in over 93% of daily...

Uber Offers In-Hospital Patient Transport with UberGURNEY

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Uber’s success knows no bounds. After infiltrating cities across the world with their groundbreaking online-based transportation service, Uber is infiltrating hospital buildings with their new fleet of UberGURNEY vehicles, giving...

Former United Security Guard Landed on Feet as Nurse-Assaulting Cop

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Former United Security Guard and all-around jerk-face Jeff Payne was very concerned he wouldn't be able to find employment after all the bad publicity he got when he knocked out...
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New Infographic Depicts the Mood of Two People Signing Out to One Another

JACKSON HOLE, WY - After observing thousands of signouts over the past 12 months, Gomerblog has constructed a graph depicting the mood of health care professionals depending on their role during the signout process....
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American Nurses Association Pulls the Plug on Nursing Diagnosis

WASHINGTON, DC - After a close 38-to-35 vote, the leaders of the American Nurses Association (ANA) voted to eliminate the nursing diagnosis from nursing notes and electronic health records.  There will no longer be...

Radiologist Adds Arrow Signs To Group Tinder Photos

  Dr. David Strand, a practicing radiologist for 10 years, has recently expanded his 40 hour workweek by helping dating hopefuls navigate the popular dating app Tinder. By adding arrow signs to group photos, Strand...

New Hospital Beds Harder to Figure Out Than Acid-Base

NASHVILLE, TN - Medical staff at Nashville Memorial Hospital are completely baffled by a new fleet of hospital beds on Unit 55-G, saying that it's without question easier to solve an acid-base...
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Worst Pick-Up Lines by Medical Subspecialty

GomerBlog did some research on a hot and steamy topic: What are the worst pick-up lines by subspecialty?  Here goes! Allergy “I like it when you can’t breathe.” Anesthesiology “I’d love to rescue your airway.” Bariatric Surgery “Come on, I...
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Nursing School: The Hunger Games Video

22 Nursing students can probably relate to The Hunger Games.  Video brought to you by SAU Vines!
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Ultra Breaking News: Patient Doesn’t Want Turkey Sandwich

NORFOLK, VA - Gomerblog brings you a startling development: A patient hospitalized at an area hospital in Norfolk has caught his inpatient medical team off guard by stating he doesn't want a turkey sandwich...