Thursday, June 24, 2021

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nursing diagnosis

American Nurses Association Pulls the Plug on Nursing Diagnosis

WASHINGTON, DC - After a close 38-to-35 vote, the leaders of the American Nurses Association (ANA) voted to eliminate the nursing diagnosis from nursing notes and electronic health records.  There will no longer be...
nurse stethoscope

Littmann to Produce Separate Doctor and Nurse Stethoscopes Thanks to ‘The View’

NEW YORK, NY - "Why didn’t we think of that?" was the overwhelming question asked today by executives at Littmann, a company that produces stethoscopes, upon seeing a segment from The View.  During the...
male patient asking for urinal

Healthy Ambulating Male Continues to Ask Nurses for Urinal

ATTLEBORO, MA - A very upset Ronald Stern is suing Sturdy Memorial Hospital for the pain and suffering he experienced when his nurse asked him to empty his own urinal.  The 50-year-old Stern was...

Funny Nursing Rant by Hitler

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urine catheter

Forgot-to-Pee Syndrome Afflicting Millions of Health Care Workers

WASHINGTON, DC - The Journal of the American National Society, Committee, and Association of Urinary Retention and Other Things Too (JANSCAUROTT) estimates that nearly 1 million medical providers are not only afflicted but also...
I try to be a nurse

ZDoggMD: I Try

Dr. Zubin Damania aka ZDoggMD is at it again with a fantastic parody of Macy Gray: "I Try (To Be A Nurse)."  If you enjoyed this video, you can find 100s more created by ZDoggMD...
medical studnets

Medical and Nursing Students Return Home This Thanksgiving Ready to Diagnose Their Families

CHAMPAIGN, IL - Miracles are coming early this holiday season as medical and nursing students across the nation are diagnosing family and friends with life-threatening conditions.  Every year, the nation’s top students migrate back...
nurse olympics

Nurse Olympics: Results

CHICAGO, IL – The host hospital of this year's Nurse Olympics, Chicago General, is now recovering after all the fanfare.  Nurses came from all over the U.S. and parts of Canada to compete in...
sponge bath

New Patient Satisfaction Initiative Mandates That All Patient Baths Have “Happy Ending”

CARY, NC - In a bold and unprecedented move to increase patient satisfaction scores, administrators at Our Lady of Chronic Narcotic Dependence Hospital outside Raleigh now require nursing staff to provide a “happy ending”...
hunger games nursing

Nursing School: The Hunger Games Video

22 Nursing students can probably relate to The Hunger Games.  Video brought to you by SAU Vines!